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General Technical Features

  • Standard are Applying

    The designed manufacture and testing at the control panel shall comply with the latest issue of the following IS:- IS – 8623 – 1993&2004 - Part I, II & III, for assemble of switchgears and control gears. IS- 5578-1984. -----Confirms of Insulated Conductors
    IS- 4237-1982- --- General requirements of switchgears and control gears.
    IS- 12063-1987--- Confirms degrees of protection provide by enclosures.
    IS- 694-1990------Confirms Cables of up to & including 1100V.
    IS- 5082-1998-----Confirms Aluminum ally Bus bars.
    IS- 1987 –1983--- Conforms Copper strips.
    IS -6005-1970-----Conforms Phosphate treatment.
    IS- 375-1963----- Conforms switchgear main connection, aux wiring.
    IS –5578-1970----Guides for marking of insulated conductors.
    IS—11353—1985---Confirms Marking & Identification of Conductors/Terminals.

  • Testing and Approval :

    Pragathi Controls panels are manufactured in accordance with National Electrical Codes, Indian standard and are thoroughly checked for routine test, No load test, high- Voltage test and measurement of insulation resistance .all types test can be conducted on special request. Warranty and Test certificate is given with each panel.

  • Enclosure :

    The enclosure shall be cubical type10/12 14\16 SWG CRCA sheets or as per customer's specification. All electrical connection are from front with separate Bus bar and cable alley chambers .Ventilation louvers are provided wherever needed. Door hinges are normally of concealed type all the equipment is accessible from the front. Feeder compartment and cable alley doors open in opposite direction for ample working space. They are extensible on both sides 10 SWG Base channels are used for floor mounting.

  • Bus Bars System :

    The main horizontal and vertical bus bars are housed in totally enclosed separate compartments. The bus bars are provided with heat shrinking color - coded sleeving. Except at the contact, the bus bars are completely insulated resulting in virtually no short circuits between the phase and neutral or earth in the bus zone.

  • Bus Bar Supported on SMC Insulator :

    The Main, Auxiliaries and Vertical bus bars are supported on sheet molded compound (SMC) insulators which has the following properties Non Hydroscopic High Impact and tensile strength. Very High Tracking Index Good Fire retardant and self extinguishing type Main, Phase, Neutral& Earth Bus Bars.

    Material:- Copper or Aluminum alloy of electrolytic grade as per IS 5082 Standard.

    Section:- Rectangular Flat. Aluminum, Copper or G I Earth Bus Bars against specific customer request.

    Motor Control Centers

    MCCs are available either single front or double front construction- fixed type. Power Control Centres

    PCCs are designed in three tier construction and with single and double bus bar system to suit the requirements of customers for power generating plants.

    Pre Manufacturing Approvals

    General arrangement drawings, Single Line Diagrams and installation plan showing foundation details , requirements of cable entries, are to be submitted for approval.

  • Cable Termination :

    Sufficient Cabling space is available in the cable alley. It is fully segregate from the feeders by sheet metal partitions. Suitable cable supports are provided in the cable alley. The cable alley doors are generally of hinged type.